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Kitchens Cabinet Construction

Computer precision meets natural elegance in our vip kitchen cabinet doors.

Bespoke kitchen

VIP-Interiors is proud to use only the strongest, most durable materials in the construction of our bespoke kitchen cabinets and doors. No two pieces of timber are the same, and nor are any two homes. We make each of our cabinets to order so they fit your storage needs, kitchen style and design tastes perfectly.

Crafted to Perfection

Kitchen cabinets undergo a lot of stress over the course of a lifetime. If the kitchen is the heart of the home, it needs to be built to last - so at VIP-Interiors, we take cabinet construction seriously.

Our manufacturing process combines advanced CNC machinery with traditional hand finishing techniques to bring out the best in our materials and designs. We use technology commonly found in the aerospace industry to ensure each piece of timber is cut to precision, and then we finish each cabinet with love in our West Raynham workshop.

The end result is that Vip Kitchen cabinets offer the best of both worlds: each piece benefits from incredibly robust construction while still retaining the unique charm and individual character of the timber used to make it, Visit our samples page.

Discover how we achieve an amazing finish on our cabinet doors by watching our sprayline video below.

Kitchen Cabinet Carcasses

Our kitchen cabinet carcasses are engineered masterpieces, designed to pull themselves rigidly square as soon as they are assembled. Our wooden cabinets are constructed with interlocking grooves, making them robust enough to stand a Land Rover on - we tried it!

We like to think of our bespoke kitchen cabinets as investments: each is built to be enjoyed for generations.

finished kitchen cabinet

Timber and Veneers

Scandinavian birch ply is an unrivalled construction material where kitchen cabinet carcasses are concerned. We finish it in a variety of ways, from oak-veneered, to painted, to melamine-faced.

We send our Scandinavian birch ply cores to specialists in Ireland, where both sides are covered in beautiful oak or walnut veneers. Each veneer is hand-picked based on our precise specifications, and the results are immediately evident when you examine the surface of our finished cabinets. We also offer a clear melamine-faced birch ply, coated with a translucent grey wash for a smart finish - ideal for both commercial and domestic kitchens.

finished kitchen cabinet

Cabinet Doors

Our kitchen cabinet doors are meticulously engineered to ensure smooth opening and closing for decades to come. We use butt hinges and our Vip In Frame system to secure them, meaning they should never drop down or come loose, no matter how many times they're used.

For classic kitchens, we use five-piece mortise and tenon doors that - at 25mm thick - have a reassuring weight to them. This stylishly modest design is often used in shaker-style kitchens, or can even be used in frameless kitchens.

We use a central oak veneered ply panel surrounded by a solid oak frame. These doors are perhaps the most robust of all our kitchen cabinet doors.

Bespoke bedroom wardrobes

Glazed Kitchen Cabinets

Proud of your cabinet contents? Showcase your glassware and decorative items by incorporating glazed kitchen cabinets into your design. When displayed on an open shelf, collectibles and crockery can get damaged and become dusty, but inside a glazed kitchen cabinet they are safe from accidental damage 14 and you still get to admire them as you pass through your kitchen.

You can find out more about our kitchen door styling options by clicking here.


Drawer Boxes

Crafted from the finest Appalachian white oak. Our VIP-Interiors cabinet drawer boxes are designed to complement any of our traditional or contemporary kitchens.

Our kitchen drawer boxes are manufactured and hand-finished with the same care and craftsmanship as our cabinet carcasses. The dovetail joints are so perfectly machined that they would hold together even if we didn't glue them.



Our fixed shelves are manufactured from oak veneered birch ply, providing you with a classically styled, yet reliably strong shelf.


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