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Door & Frame Styling

Your cabinet door style can transform the look of your kitchen. Discover some starting points for choosing door styling that's best suited to you.

Bespoke kitchen

Your cabinet doors are one of the most striking design aspects of your kitchen, whether you choose traditional, elaborate, or clean and simple designs.

Design is our passion, so we will ensure your new bespoke kitchen looks great while fulfilling its purpose as a family nerve centre, a place for entertaining or as a true chef 19s environment. Cabinet door and frame styles are a key factor for dictating the overall look and feel of a kitchen.

Our designers start with three core kitchen cabinet styles, which can then be further customised based on your requirements and preferences. These range from the traditional shaker door, the clean slab design, or the contemporary handle less slab. Discover more about these options below.

With your door and frame styling chosen, why not browse our cabinet styling choices to discover how to add the finishing touches to your kitchen, for example choosing your favourite wood, finish and unique final touches.


The Shaker door is constructed with a solid oak tenon and mortise joined frame with an oak veneered centre panel, which gives a fantastic finish that shows off the wood grain. A solid cherry or sapele frame with sanded Birch ply centre panel gives a smooth flat finish.

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The slab door is made from 24mm birch ply with an oak veneer if looking for a grain showing finish, or straight 24mm birch ply sanded down to create a flat finish.

Bespoke bedroom wardrobes

Handleless Slab

The handless slab door is exactly the same spec as the slab door, however this has a solid timber handle-less detail applied. This detail will be made from oak if you're looking for a grain showing finish, or cherry/sapele if you're looking for a flat finish.

Bespoke bedroom wardrobes

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