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Shaker Kitchens

With origins dating back to the mid 18th Century, a Shaker kitchen must, at it's core, be an expression of simplicity, fine craftsmanship and functionality, without ornamentation.

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The magnificent irony of a Shaker kitchen - simplicity and lack of ornamentation - is that it places the highest of demands on the maker to get it right. To achieve the wonderful clean lines and spacious feeling intrinsic to the design, requires a careful mix of technology and a masterclass in cabinet making.

Thanks to their simplicity and classically proportioned doors and frames, our Shaker kitchens offer timeless appeal. Coupled with our investment into high-tech machinery and our team of highly trained cabinet makers, your kitchen will also be built to withstand daily life for many years to come!

The perfect Shaker kitchen has to be bespoke. It is the only way to achieve impeccable proportions and symmetry, reflecting both the size and layout of the kitchen and the way the cabinets work together. Thanks to our investment in technology, this actually makes our material requirements more efficient - one of many reasons why our bespoke kitchens are such outstanding value.

Get in touch to discover why our blend of precision engineering and expert craftsmanship ensures the perfect Shaker kitchen to suit whatever size space you have.

Key to any high quality Shaker kitchen is its material specification. We use oak for our doors and cabinet frame system, even when the units are to be painted. Why? Because as any master craftsman will know, oak is the best.

Thanks to their simple details, Shaker kitchens can be made in a broad range of looks with just a few changes, such as a different cabinet finish or worktop material. The result is that your Shaker style kitchen can look at home whether you have a country house or modern apartment in the city.


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