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Hinged Wardrobes

Computer precision meets natural elegance in our vip Hinged Wardrobes wardrobes.

Bespoke bedroom wardrobes

For Your Hinged Wardrobes:

Bedroom wardrobes with hanging (hinged) doors are more suitable for smaller widths or corners as they have the widest choice of cabinet/door sizes.
When you look for a storage solution, it’s not everybody who is happy with either sliding wardrobes or walk-in closets. Therefore, VIP Interiors offers you another variety of storage units: hinged wardrobes. These wardrobes are created for a variety of different users and their different needs.
The designers work hard to analyze what unique systems can be created for those who want something out of the box for their home. In this case, their hard work pays off in the form of hinged storage systems. While it is obvious that these wardrobes have doors that open and close on hinges, there is an additional advantage. It gives a concealing effect to your storage closet.


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