Kitchen Contractors London

VIP Interiors understand that a kitchen is the heart of your home. At VIP Interiors we thrive in designing and creating our client’s dream kitchens. A kitchen is the hub of the house and for many people, it plays many different roles in family life. Therefore at VIP Interiors, we believe that kitchens need to be versatile and unique to each client’s needs.

Our specialist kitchen designers spend time and communicate with each of our clients at VIP Interiors. Our aim is to ensure your unique kitchen design emulates your dream kitchen. At VIP Interiors we believe that you should enjoy the process and therefore your named kitchen designer stays with you throughout the process. This helps to provide the highest service.

Unlike other kitchen designers, we believe that a kitchen is more than a room and cabinets. It is a unique space that plays many different roles. From food preparation to an entertainment space, a kitchen needs to be flexible yet durable. VIP Interiors have an extensive range ofkitchens, styles and colours to suit every design. The kitchens we design are available in a number of kitchens and ranges to ensure that our specialist kitchen designers are able to design your kitchen with you and display this in 3d imaging bringing your design to life. From traditional to modern we can design a kitchen of your dreams.

Alongside our designers, our team of expert fitters bring your design to life. Our team of skilled and highly experienced designers understand the upheaval of fitting a new kitchen can have to family life. They, therefore, work quickly yet skillfully to cause the least disruption whilst providing a high-class finish. From plumbers to carpenters our team of skilled professionals provide the highest quality of service and fitting.

Our expert service does not finish once your kitchen is fitted. VIP Interiors provide expert advice on how to maintain and care for your kitchen. For example, it is imperative to treat your wood worktops in a specific way to prevent warping. All of our kitchens are made from the highest quality materials to ensure the highest specification and finish.

Kitchens are not only an area to prepare food and meals but can be the hub of the home. VIP Interiors understand that a kitchen is an area where people congregate and the family reconnect.

All kitchens that VIP Interiors are uniquely designed to an individual’s wants and needs. We work closely with our clients from conception to delivery to ensure that we deliver their dream kitchens. Not only are our kitchens aesthetically beautifully designed, but they are also practical.

Our kitchen designers deliver unique and creative storage solutions to ensure that all space is utilised. As the most utilized room in many homes a kitchen has to be durable and surpass the challenges of family living. From modern to timeless, classic and sleek VIP Interior kitchen designs pass the test of time.

We pride ourselves on our durable yet beautiful designs with high-class finishes and specifications. From design to fitting VIP Interiors provide high-class service ensuring our clients enjoy the process of designing their dream kitchen.